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Kerry in Asian Garden WI Spider  Island, WI Beach No Visitors Allowed Draftsman Alcatraz Webs Prison Keepers Gone Ghost of Alcatraz Mono Lake Rocks Sundown at Mono Lake, CA Pink Sunset Reflections of Bodie Whitewashed Door Geometric Linoleum Funerary Ceiling Pitcher & Pans Steely Rust Shredded Lace Curtain Interior Decay Postcards of the Past Bodie Mercantile Shadows & Springs Hall Safe Lock Passage Childhood Remnants Bedspings in Bodie Falling Downtown, Bodie Open Door with Rag Sandy Toes CA Tree Silhouette Alcatraz Seagulls Death Valley Dunes 07 Kiss of Death SF View from Alcatraz Washington Island, WI Roses
© 2008 All art is copyrighted by Kerry Shea. It may be used only by permission from the artist.